Monday, December 19, 2011


Faraway, in a land of sparrows and oranges, lay half a million bugs under a boulder. Bug Andy was a funny bug. He was always playing tricks. But he had a good heart and bad breath. Bug Andy had an accomplice named Bug Mindy. Bug Mindy was a gleeful insect. Always helpful and willing to participate in all of Andy's pranks.
One day, a giant snake named Python Xavi overturned the boulder and there lay exposed the half million bugs scurrying away as fast as their tiny bodies would permit.Python Xavi in a huge act of deviousness leaped at the bugs and quietly scooped half of the million bugs. Bug Andy was mortified. He and the surviving half managed to enter into a rabbit hole.
Rabbit George was perched at his desk eating an orange and poring over his papers. He was a judge of the highest order. Bug Andy crept up unto his ear and shouted, "We bugs are in great danger! Save us from the python." Bug Mindy cried, "Yes Rabbit George! Save us from the python's wrath!" Rabbit George was alarmed and pleased at the same time. Pleased because he felt honoured the bugs asked him for counsel and also because the Python Xavi was always stealing the oranges that he foraged for with such great difficulty.
He readily agreed and the next morning, Python Xavi was summoned to the rabbit's hole. He appeared late with a dead mouse in his mouth, still devouring the rat's flesh. Rabbit George then asked Xavi why he ate the bugs when there were rats in such great bounty. Xavi replied, his snakelike voice booming in the underground haven, "Me like me some bugsssss once in a while." Saying this, he once again leaped at the bugs. Doing so, he gobbled half of the remaining half of the total bug population. Bug Andy and Bug Mindy, however were saved. He quickly got an idea, and alongside Mindy, crept out of the hole.
A minute later, they came back down and then the bespectacled Rabbit George declared in his rich accent, "Keeping in view the arguments set before me, I pronounce that Python Xavi be forbidden to eat any bug from this moment on" Python Xavi hissed and said, "Let'sss see about that," but before he could take a fresh swipe at the few remaining bugs, ten sparrows flew down the rabbit hole and started pecking the snake thus piercing and making small holes in his long pipe like body. Python Xavi withered wildly and screamed madly with pain.
Out of the holes on the snake's body came oozing out all the bugs that were presumed dead and out crawled Xavi vowing never to trouble the bugs again. All good was restored in the land of sparrows and oranges and Bug Andy and Bug Mindy got married before the very same judge, Rabbit George.

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