Sunday, January 29, 2012

100th Post!!!

Orange Roses in Greenland

Prepare to die Bsalmermouth
This land is forbidden to all but I
We will not tolerate encroachments
Just as you are lactose intolerant
Inked is my heart with the bold letters of your name
Pierced is my conscience with the claws of guilt
And out oozes the filthy blood of the unpardonable
Why did the old man cry?
Why did the old woman sigh?
Of these designs, I am not acquainted with
This texture is so complex and alien to me
For what I seek is yet unfound
And what I have already is all but gone
Unsung heroes are singing still
And I am distraught and bound by my own shackles
Love was never comfortable
Never before have I surrendered like so
If God could cry a million times
Would it suffice,
Would it suffice?
And if you never looked back
You would win,
You'd be victory.

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