Thursday, April 26, 2012

Another Nonsense Post

I stumbled across this too and thought hell might as well put this up too and delete from the computer:
Written in August, '10

Sometimes it's okay to cry.
sometimes it's good too.
more the tears, signify you're closer to no tears at all.
you could write someone off your conscience, your mind, your everything the more you cry about that person.
Because after a while. the tears don't come anymore.
Maybe I am getting bitter.
But every single time I cry.
It's more for you,
than it is because of you.
And honestly. I don't think the tears have helped my case much.
Even after I am done with them
I cannot erase or deny not feeling what I feel.
I feel overwhelmed.
Every time I think of you.
And as much as I say I am over you.
I am still nervous when you're around.
I am so glad you're so far away.
Is that a terrible thing to say?
It's okay to want and need and dream about reciprocation. I am not hurting anyone.
I hate her.
I hate you more. Much more.

OMG I was so miserable and pathetic! Thank heavens I am past this :)

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