Thursday, April 26, 2012

What is Love?

I wrote this 2 years ago and thinking it was too lame to be put up I didn't. But I stumbled across it now and realized I have WAY too much nonsense up on this blog and it's not like anyone's judging/reading so might as well put this shit up too.
Here goes:
Now I'm going to start rambling about this. You've probably stumbled across this sort of post around many blogs because it's so overdone, but, i'm in a cheesy mood right now and this train of thought has entered my station of mind so i've decided to go ahead and go on with it and ramble because cheesy's all i've got, for now. So, my (loyal or forced-at-gun-point) readers, i'm going to start this cheesy ramble. Be warned.
Okay, now, every person at some point in their lives begin to question oneselves, others, just question, what is love? And I at 17 it's just been long enough for me to come to terms with this great word and start to understand and analyse it. So here comes the rambling.
Love. What i've come to learn is that love is everywhere. I mean, look around. Think about it, it's everywhere. Love is without judgement, without conditions, without any selfish motive. Love is rare and pure, because all things that are pure are rare. Love tends to be selfless and without reason and irrational and unpractical because it's so pure. Love has been in our hearts from the day we were born; it's in everybody. Nobody is incapable of giving love. We are meant to love. Love is never having the need to say you're sorry because it just goes without saying. You can never stop loving. The heart never stops giving, because the heart is stupid. Unfortunately, nowadays, the love is going, going and going and is practically gone. Love is, life. How profound right? Love is truth. It's about the only real truth. And. Love is God. Love is hard and difficult. Love cannot be given so easily. Love cannot be flaunted so easily. Love is contained in an elusive corner in your heart which you have to seek within to give.

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