Thursday, August 30, 2012

Vogegot. #115

Twiddling thumbs
Ogling at the road bumps
Dwindling seconds of the night
The space is black like outer should be
And the moon is a persevering little thing
Sure there can exist white in black
But where is there ever a place or time for black to venture into white?
Lurking forever on the outside
Borderline and so always just on the border.
But if the black borders white
Isn't the white bordering black too I wonder
Yes in the big picture
Like yin and yang
There is no such black blasphemous border
For it's all part of the endlessness of the pie that's the universe
Which is an untouched pie
Who would hope to digest one of such magnitude?
None, there is nothing that could
Besides, no one dare would

The title Vogegot is a made up word I actually dreamed about the other night. It was about some very nice guy I meet and at the end of our meeting I am given a skype id with the words Vogegot. I haven't tried looking for this username yet but my oh my will I be shocked to discover there is an eligible nice man who goes by Vogegot.

Also I don't intend this post to be racist although on a re read I can see how it can be misinterpreted.
I got nothin' on the black population. I was, proudly to say, born in a black country. :)


  1. i loved this!:) was thinking about thumb twiddling a lot yesterday %)

  2. wow you know I didn't even intend to write when before drifting off to sleep the phrase "twiddling thumbs" came to me. Methinks some telepathy was involved!!!