Thursday, September 27, 2012

Moon we meet again

The Moon is my nighttime mate
Once a month the Moon is visible right through my window
I lay myself down on my familiar pillow
And gaze at my familiar moon
It glows and shines and is forever silent
And comforting
The Moon is my forever friend.
It's the only thing in my world
That reminds me of the other worldly ness of the world
Of several gazillion moons
Orbiting several gazillion planets
In several gazillion galaxies
And those moons I'm sure
Like my Moon
Also have many blue black red pink alien friends
Who like me
On a night like this one
Can see their Moon
And gaze
And be gazed at
Thank you Moon
I love you Moon
You are as sure as the sun
Although, in hindsight
You are surer still
For you don't give me any sun spots
And don't threaten to kill me with your UV rays

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