Friday, December 07, 2012

See plus plus, before C++

My wife I
Love my wifi
In the middle of Shanghai
Where the birds they fly so very high
And there I sit and sigh
For my life seems to pass me by
In times like these all I want to do sit wail and cry
My life now seems dull and dry
Once in a blue moon dear wife do you even utter a hi
And I miss you so much, oh my
But you just think I'm content with the wifi
But my dear there's more to hear I won't lie
Even though you may not know the root of pi
I still love you I sometimes wonder why
But you are walking away, just breezing by
I can't stand it, yet again I cry
And so I shall willingly my brain in deep oil fry
And hope to slowly, painfully die
For to dream again of us together is too hard to even try

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