Friday, March 08, 2013

You youu youuuu!

Attention stinky hoes and my lovely bros
For I have some rather delightful news
I think I've struck shiny sparkly gold
In the form of someone new that thoroughly does amuse
With Weasley hair and eyes I can't compare
I may have just found my 'you' so bitches beware!
I've fallen from grace
Dived fearlessly into this unfamiliar place
Still feeling grounded, I haven't left home base
And yet I am high on feelings definitely not misplaced
My words sound so cliched
But what can I say
This is what happens when you have someone on your mind for rent free stay!
You and I we're not a couple
We're two singles, so that makes us double!
Double the smiles in my day
And you I have to thank for it, so please just stay.
And so I end this post for you
With some giggling in my head
'cause it could have been a better post
But screw it, be cheesy is what my brain said!