Friday, April 19, 2013

DIYs for Domesticating Incidental Young-uns

This blog post is going to be a very bloggy type of post where I am going to attach pictures and use numbering and make it look all nice and organised. I've been doing a lot of art/craft, not sure if that's the word to use, but off late, I have been doing some nice things with my time. Like,

1. Me and a friend together made bags!

The small sling ones!

The canvas tote bags!

2. I made wine! It took me 42 days and I used this.

This is what it looked like on Day 1!

And on Day 42!

3. I made a body wash out of this Dove bar.

Step 1 - Grate!

Step 2 - Boil with water!

Step 3 - Bottle and LABEL bitches!


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