Tuesday, June 04, 2013

99 Degrees

Invisibility is the best superpower one can have!
I seriously thought about it and it makes the most sense and would be the most useful.
You can be a part of ANYTHING being invisible. When I say invisible you should be weightless or else you won't be able to latch onto someone while they skydive.
If you have the power of invisibility you can choose to fake your own death and live like a total nomad. You can choose to never be visible again! And just constantly live silently being a part of everything if not actively participating yourself. And if you want to use invisibility occasionally and live a normal life then you can get to see your question paper before your exam and prepare accordingly. You could spy on whoever you want!
But if I had the power of invisibility I would just like to do the death faking and then travel for the rest of my life for free, see everything in the world, live in the best places and if I get sick I'll just reappear outside a hospital in Sweden or something. And then to retire I'd appear again in a remote town and use all the money I would have taken from bank lockers to buy me a chalet and enough books to read till I die and when I die I become invisible again so that the people mourning my fake death don't hate me if "old spinster named Kamna dies peacefully in Alaskan chalet" ever makes the news which would be doubtful but I wouldn't take the chance.

If a stranger happens to read this post, and understands why I named it what I named it, considering no one I know who reads my blog will get it, we NEED to be friends. Believe you me!

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