Sunday, October 13, 2013

Polish Kiwis - for once, FOR REALS!

Never thought the day would come so soon!
But here I'm sitting in my dorm room using my Filipino roommate's MacBook in the middle of Rzeszow, Poland! WHAAT
Finally getting to use a laptop after days! So exciting :D
This is all so surreal! I got here on Wednesday and have been living alone till now, walking around the city, stocking up my mini fridge and chilling in this room with such a beautiful view.
POLISH KIWIS (that look like balls) (oh no why did I think that who will eat it now)

I had such a long trip to here. Almost 24 hours!

- Doha, so lovely from high up above

Snow capped mountains!!!

Landing in Warsaw xD

 I had to take the bus from Warsaw to Rzeszow, so I barely got to see much of Warsaw, just my short bus ride to the bus station.
And then I bought a pina colada flavoured chocolate and the best Lays I have ever had for my dinner on the bus.

My room - Look how girly the curtains are!
And the view from my room. There's a river in the distance. This MacBook doesn't have an SD slot so I will get to upload my better quality camera pics hopefully later, if I can use the laptops at the university.

My Polish AIESEC friend took me shopping and I bought some awesomely colourful cutlery. SEE my blue mug, orange bowl, yellow plate and yellow knife! I bought some lovely pink ear muffs too!
And then I went and had some strawberry ice-cream which was so good! Never mind the randomly leaky nose because of the cold :P

Yesterday I found this nice infinity scarf after which I had a photo session with my camera. This was the decent-est picture of the lot, and is actually a picture of the picture :P
And look how big the pillow is! Tigers are my favourite wild animal but this one staring at me gives me the creeps.

This is going to be one fun journey. I love the food here too, even though I've not got the chance to try pierogi yet! I can't believe last week this time I was home, so far away!

Toodles. :D

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