Monday, October 21, 2013

The Beautiful City of Rzeszów

It's been almost 2 weeks since I came here and I finally start work tomorrow - teaching English in a school for about 2 hours everyday, except the weekend and Mondays! So far it's been great. Me and my new friend/roommate have gone and seen all the main attractions already and taken a few lazy all-day-indoors days. We did a lot of touristy stuff like going to the Underground Cellars, taking pictures with a huge monument in the city centre, and walking around Market Square, exploring the little cafes and seeing the incredible churches. Finally got to try pierogi! It was so good, and also cooked (by which I mean watched roommate cook and cut up some sausages as neatly as one can dare I say) once in the common kitchen we have on every dorm floor. Avoided being run into by quite a few bikers thanks to my smooth as fuck swerving skills. Crossed the road like the savage Indian I am and gave the poor girl a fright. Walked around lots. Talked about how big and beautiful the moon is a little too much. Went to a little cafe and had the worst beer I will ever taste, and another cafe where I had the best - hot beer with lime and cinnamon called grzaniec! Went to an end of a project AIESEC meeting at a bar and sat amongst the most multicultural group ever! - Young people/EPs from Georgia, Egypt, Azerbaijan, Spain, Tunisia, Iran, China, I'm sure I'm missing some people out! It was so much fun too :)

Some pics to stir your soul.


Dress, stockings and boots, stripey socks, and pandas and tigers coexist harmoniously here.


Amazing pastry with white and dark chocolate and jam
Like home - a bowl of Maggi and all my episodes ready to watch
The great cooking of one awesome roommate

Posing here with some kick-ass saws from the olden carpentry days - in the Underground Cellars. And in front of the Revolution Monument. Then randomly because I was all dressed up and good to go. We went to McDonald's and I couldn't finish the McFlurry so I got it home by which time it was melted goodness and I mixed in some milk, and there you have it - McFlurry Milkshake! Also stopped at the Biedronka close by and bought persimmon! Can't wait to try it! And last but not least some beautifully pink grapefruit.


  1. Lovely ! also, nice panda pants ! :D
    Till the bamboo shoots,

    1. Thank you Aditi :*
      Stow away your shooting bamboo, please.