Sunday, December 29, 2013


A lot of really strange (stranger than usual) things have been happening to me off late. Like I mentioned, the phase of really weird dreams every night is back, and for the first time, I'm being able to express them in half awake undecipherable drunkish typing ways and the other morning I woke up and I wrote this and I saw it later in the day and went "what?" multiple times and made my dear friend (and probably sole reader of this blog) read it and she said "appalling" in her witty, inimitable way and I instantly decided to post it on my blog.

It's the end of the world 100 people left all nameless limited resources only one person's name can be Paul. It can be anyone. When you claim your name to be Paul you get to eat and after 4 hours you have to die. Within 4 hours then some one else claims to be Paul so that he can eat and to save the first Paul. The mission is to save everyone. Nobody knows who the real Paul is, not even Paul himself.

Also, this is an unexpected dedication to my friend Paul, to whom I am going to link this and will hopefully get him smiling with a funnily full fondness for me feeling finitely flattered (as flattery should ideally be.)

OH, and also, a day after my crazy travelling, I was off on another trip, and I pretty much slept the entire journey in the car and at one point I recorded the words "hahaha" but sang them in a very very weird way which I will link here soon (if anyone gives a shit and reminds me to or I remember to do it) and named it "hahaha island" and I remember naming it that way thinking, in my drunkish sleep state, that I would remember what it meant when I was awake but I can't for the life of me figure out why! I am sure it was a kickass story idea relating to a dream I was having then and I hope maybe I dream it again and have an awesome deja vu moment on awakening.

Edit: I think I get why I named it island, maybe I dreamed of a place where everyone's name is forms of haha, all musically different, so you can have two children, one named haHA and one named HAha and on the island, the language is also pretty much musical versions of hahahahahaha.


  1. YAY! i'm referenced! :D and "a funnily full fondness for me feeling finitely flattered (as flattery should ideally be.)" Wow!

  2. Okay. So this truly is me. I am indeed strangely flattered. I feel my stated stance of being utterly uninterested in certain things changing. I guess all it takes is a genuine person with genuine feelings (if occasionally masked with games).