Wednesday, January 22, 2014

List Series: Why You Should Love Yourself

1. You stop seeking approval.
2. Miserable loneliness gets converted into blissful solitude.
3. You become realistic and begin to be more ambitious.
4. You stop being stupidly hopeful.
5. You realise the beauty of every little thing.
6. You start to appreciate and be grateful a lot more.
7. You get to have long self pampering sessions.
8. You get to be super self indulgent.
9. You become emotionally and mentally stronger.
10. You believe in yourself and feel good about yourself.
11. You start to keep fit for a healthy lifestyle.
12. You ditch the darkness. (Wow that sounds so cool.)
13. You realise the true worth of the ones that love you.
14. You naturally become more responsible towards them.
15. You get to be at peace.
16. You become bulletproof.
17. You get to resolve your inner demons.
18. You become free.
19. You become world wary for the right reasons.
20. You begin to dream big.
21. You become more assertive.
22. You get angry much less often.
23. You find it easier to deal with sadness and loss.
24. You stop feeling like the world owes you things.
25. You don't waste your time and negativity on those who don't matter to you. (pretty much the same ones whom you don't matter to.)
26. You don't feel the need to apologise or make excuses for who you are.
27. You regain long lost childlike wonder.
28. You rediscover things that used to delight you.
29. You then discover that those same things still delight you.
30. You get to be truly happy.
31. You get to be you in all your gloriously flawed youness.

Pretentious Interview with Yours Truly

Why do I write?
-I write because writing to me feels therapeutic, and it is a very safe and fun outlet for my thoughts. I feel confident, and I get clarity of thought through this medium of expression. I feel empowered to say whatever I want. It feels good to, basically.

Why is my blog public?
-Why do I need to have all my misc writings up for the world to see? I don't know. I don't particularly enjoy the limelight and not everyone knows that I even have a blog or that I am sort of a writer. I have a few close friends who do know that I blog. There are times when things happen, for example all my travel experiences, and I write so much about it that when you ask me I'd be so out of words. Having this blog then for them to read makes things easier, and saves me the trouble of having the same conversations. And, I'd rather write than speak anyway.
Why this blog is public is also because I like to see visitors from everywhere. It's exciting to know that someone from Cuba likes your stories. Or someone from Japan was amused by one your countless nonsensical rants. Even though no one ever posts comments or any feedback and them liking or being amused by my posts is only a very baseless assumption my vain mind likes to make.

Why am I writing this all of a sudden?
-I don't know. I've been wanting to write and had lots on my mind to vent out and might still end up doing that tonight. Well maybe since this blog never had an official introduction post and it's been 7 years since, I thought I'll answer some possibly (not) pressing questions y'all (nobody) might have.

Why is it named "Kamna Readable"?
-I can't remember why exactly I named it this but this is has been the name since day one. 14 year old childish thought process of using third person and being dramatic using the word "readable" probably.
But recently when I was in London and staying with a really old friend he mentioned to me that he always thought that he could never figure me out. I LOLed so hard because no one has ever said such a thing about me and it made me sound all mysterious and shit. And naturally, stupidly vain as I am, I thought about that comment and realise there's some truth to it. And maybe that explains why this blog is named the way it is. Oooo

Why won't you just stop this pointless self-interview already?
-Yes okay bye

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Would You Rather

My teaching internship in Poland was part of the AIESEC Rzeszow LC program "Speak With Us" as mentioned before, so I was required to conduct a lot of speaking activities with my kids and I used to love playing WYR with them, among other games, as it was not only fun, but it also got them to think and I could either have a serious thought-provoking session with them or a funny one. My students being teenage high-school girls led me to falsely presume that they'd be a bit immature but I was blown away by their answers to some of the more deep not-about-eating-nose-hair-type questions I'd ask them.

I am only writing these reminiscing posts as I don't want to forget them; I don't want to forget parts of the trip like the Heaven Pier as they're highlights. Nice, inspirational, feel-good, helpful memories I don't want to forget one day and having them here makes sure I can relive them whenever I want to or feel blue.

I would not only ask them to pick one, but also give a reason, to get them to speak more. In fact, more than just the picking of the option, it was their reasoning behind them that really surprised and impressed me.

So when I asked them questions like:
WYR be happy and poor all day or rich and sad all day? - they said, surprise surprise, happy and poor.
WYR be forgotten or hatefully remembered? - they said, forgotten.
WYR be rich and ugly or poor and good-looking? - they were smart enough to say rich and ugly because of the wonders of plastic surgery hehe
WYR be stranded on an island alone or with someone you hate? This one was really interesting. If you asked me, I would definitely say alone. So when they said with someone they hated I was curious. The reasons? - One of them said "because loneliness is the worst thing" and one of them said "because over time, the hate would go out of the window for the sake of peace and staying together in harmony" LOL not those exact words and I've obviously decorated them with rich (read pansy) words like harmony but you get the point.
WYR end hunger or end hatred? This one I was pretty taken aback by. The wisdom they have is amazing. They didn't even need to think too much about it and said immediately that they would end hate - because without hate there wouldn't be any hunger. Honestly, I think younger people are way wiser than we think or give them credit for.

We're so self important, myself included. :(
I can't remember more awesome answers but I will add to this post if and when I do.

Thursday, January 02, 2014

Travel Pics

I've uploaded all the pictures of all my solo travelling adventures (STAs) since Oct 2013. If you want to see everything, just click here. But here are the links to the albums nicely divided in case you don't:

Vrindavan & Delhi

Poland :
Hadle Szklarskie
Auschwitz & Birkenau


London :
Harry Potter Studios
Alternative London Walking Tour
Free Tours by Foot
The Rest

Happy New Year