Thursday, October 02, 2014

Mumbai State of Mind

Constant unrest
Anxious heartbeat
Overexcited pace
A lifetime in a bus ride
Phases don't a sentence make
Phrases on the other hand stand some chance
Fearless you become
Of large black insects
Over time
It becomes a silent sweep off with a flick of a finger
To extinguish an inconsequential life form
So sickening to deem the existence any life form for that matter inconsequential
But sometimes it is too loud for rational thought
Overbearing noise
All of it unwanted
Excepting the the sweet sound of silence
And comfortable
So very comfortable
Whoever said writing needed inspiration
He sought it feverishly
So determined and so righteous
And then when he thought it a lost cause
He stumbled upon it
And it was really great and really cool
Because then he wrote really inspired writing
Nothing like this