Sunday, November 06, 2016

After 66 Million Years

I only saw a familiar midriff round the corner of the riverbank
Was I to know what would surface
Head or tail, could be anyone's guess
All those years ago
I got a text from Mr. T-Rex
It said he'd be gone for a while
So could it really be him?
After all these centuries?
He said not to miss him
And I should have known better
Than to miss him the way I did
The way you sweat through sheets profusely
The way you rapidly scramble to get out of a crowded elevator
Such urgent want
I should have known that there would be none like him
My poor dinosaur's fate was such
And how could someone else ever be so:
Gargantuan gregarious and god-like
A primeval and predatorial presence
But could it really be him again?
Wishfully I have waited
And the land and sea has changed so much since our time
Back when there used to be a black day and a sunny night
Something in my peripheral vision disturbs the water
A swift yet imperceptible movement
But that's enough conviction
He's back and I'm diving right in

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