Thursday, December 15, 2016

Thought Bonanza

Nothing floats in a bath tub
The sun is a circle of fire
Rich people from a poor man's country are the worst people
The reality that is an illusion and the illusion that is reality
Forever may have happened forever ago but forever will also happen forever
Reality unchallenged is an illusion unchangeable
Take a piece for my peace but don't give a piece for my peace
Multiplying into two is not as symmetrically satisfying as rooting the square
Intense dental work followed by a self portrait of LSDesque colours and waves of me violently cleaning my tongue with a pink toothbrush
The world's nobodies do nothing; the world's everybodies do everything; and the anybodies continue do to anything.
Having a conscience does the disciplinary job just as well as religion or state laws can.
You know you're in too deep when you can no longer enjoy indulging in a good looker's lingering look.
I really resent the phrase "school of thought" because that implies the schooling of thought and puts people in boxes.
What vastly inhibits growth is one's own inability to throw away their bad ideas into a wastebasket thereby triggering new thought.
I didn't expect to rant after drinking all of that expectorant

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