Monday, September 05, 2011

Yellow Biksie

The wind is blowing the street light's glowing
The world is one, there's not another place you'd rather be from
Smile and sing to the trees and they'll forever prosper
Just like the elves do in Ellesmera
Text your "hello"'s to the Lebanese lesbians in Lisbon
Giggle out loud because your password rhymes with Zaphod Beeblebrox
Get yourself so startled that the words "Holey Haley!" just burst out of your mouth
Flirt with greasy Gracie and dream about her long legs
Encourage two-toothed Tilly; lead her on 'cause she's your only stalker!
And so what if this, while it started off as a poem, not any more sustains a decent tune!

The title, is the name of my newly formed 2-man band. Check it out here----> Yellow Biksie's Official Youtube Channel

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